It's A Toaster Strudel Kind Of Day

That's right. My kids ate toaster strudels for lunch. Yesterday I had to beg them to have cake for breakfast. Hahaahaha. Stop judging me. You know you do it too. Well actually, you probably don't. Do you?

I advocate for everything healthy but sometimes, we have days. We have days where the rain is falling and the skies are grey and I can't help but feel lazy.

Today we went to a new friends house. They have kids that are almost the exact ages of mine. Almost immediately, Nevie fell on her face and got a bloody nose and a fat lip. Then Sadie fell out of a swing onto her face. It's not our day for faces I guess. It was fun though. They had a blast and the like-minded mama that is their parent, gave me clove oil to numb the pain in my mouth.

Some of my tooth fell off today. I say it like it's not a big deal because right now, it's not. I have had a temporary crown that not only fell off, but the post underneath broke off too. I curse the bad luck. Is it possible to manifest good luck in the mouth? That sounds inappropriate.

Rain is amazing right? Oh I love it. Can someone fill me in on where it's coming from? I need to know.

Ooooooh Ooh. And David got his orders. I think they are unofficial. But still we have a date. He leaves October 21st. And will be gone till March. someone said he might have to report earlier. So mid-October, I will be alone. I wonder if I should not post that. Because what if stalkers come after me? And try and get into my house? Then I will beat them with a bat. And my good looks. Hahahah. Funny. 

Also, I want to post dramatic stuff. Do you want to hear that? Or do you not super care? Hmmm.....

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  1. Leftover birthday cake is my favorite -- no judging here. I love the rain and I love it when people let their kids play in it and the mud and get dirty and wet but have tons of fun. I can handle dramatic; my life is pretty dramatic. Post what you want. It's your blog!