I've Got a Silver Sharpie and I Know How to Use It

Except not on white paper. It doesn't show up real good. I bought individual Sharpies at Staples. I'm talking, not-in-a-pack, kind. What's up. I'm fancy I guess. I have blue and gold and silver. They happen to be David's school colors. And it happens to be around the time that he is graduating. Hmmmmm......

Here's the sitch. I'm not 18 but I like to abbreviate like I am.

So I'm totes gonna brag.

Or just post random things about my kids so in 10 years I can be like, remember when.... all emo style.

So the other day I was outside with Jackson and Sadie and Nevie. I had Nevie literally tied into the swing with a pair of suspenders (parent of the year award?).  It works because it's one of those Little Tyke swings but the straps have broken on it. It's in good condition otherwise. hahaha.

Ok so, Sadie's on the other swing, on her belly, just going back and forth until I hear a big thud. Yup. She somehow managed to land square on her face. In the dirt. She was bleeding a lot. I rushed her inside and left Jackson to tend (who says that anymore?) to Nevie. He was all getting impatient wanting to go to the neighbors house. I was panicking myself cause I wasn't sure if Sadie had broken her nose or what. It was not cool. It reminded me of that time when David was in China and I broke my foot. Like, what am I supposed to do now?

Anyway, she's okay for now. Minus the scabs on her nose and upper lip and chin, and cheek and... well, you get the picture.

literally here's a picture. This was right after it happened.

It makes me so sad. Poor girl.

Anyway, in other news, we're completely broke again. Which means we don't have trash bags or paper towels (which aren't a necessity I know!). We were out of diapers until a magic little angel bought us some. I'm thankful.

I wonder what it will be like to have a normal amount of money. To have a regular paycheck. I keep wondering if I will miss these days. I'm sure I will.

Speaking of these days...I'm totally nervous for the future. I'm excited too, but I'm scared! It's weird. I've just been so comfortable these last few years. I don't know what's next and that makes me feel anxious. I know it will be good though. And have I already written about that? Sorry if I have.

I never get enough pictures of Jackson. It's probably because he is always on the move. Just like in the picture above. That was sock day. lol. They had fun. I did too. I always feel like a successful parent when my kids/husband have socks. It's been awhile.

Anyway, on the crafty side of things, I thought I'd show off these blocks we just finished the other day. They were part of a Super Saturday that happened in October of last year but eh, I just got around to them. I wish I had your pictures Brigitte to show what you first did, and then what you secondly did. Anyway, they were originally going to be brown and cream and orange for Thanksgiving time, but I was like, hey, I wanna do these a different color. I asked that same Brigitte if she thought that would be done and it's stuck in my head what she said and that was, "Do you only give thanks at Thanksgiving?" Point taken. :-) I let my kids help. It was fun. For them. ;-)

I don't know if I'll leave them there, or move them to a different spot. But there you go! Thanks Candice for the vinyl and the idea. I can in no way take credit for that. I wish she had a site or something so I could direct you to her. She's good. Here's her Pinterest site if you can see it. You can stalk her there. Or contact her if you want vinyl lettering. She does it as a business.

I've got a business. Wink wink. lol.

Someday I do want to own my own business. It's gonna be hard to decide which one I want to do. Hmm...

It's officially early in the morning. Or really late at night. Depends on how you look at it. Is the glass half empty or half full? What have you been up to lately? Spring cleaning?  I wish you would actually comment back. I want to feel popular. lol.

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  1. I like your blog. Thanks for posting because I like to spy on you. Lol. And I think that it is awesome that you are home teaching your kids. I have a story about that to share with you someday. :)