I Need Help

I joined a blog link up. It's over there ---->

So I'm committed to 3 posts per week. This is beneficial to me personally, because I don't want to forget stuff! And I have many a good idea.

Remember how I've been back and forth about who I want to target as my audience? And what I want my blog to be about? I'm decidedly going with... whatever I want. It's official.

Because I've started this new journey to homeschooling, I'm probably gonna post about that.

I also sometimes pretend to be crafty. So I post about that.

SOMETIMES I cook. (that's rare).

Sometimes I rant. Okay, a lot.

And sometimes I talk about my kids/husband/chickens

And then there's... oh man. It really is a buffet of goodness over here on this blog.

I made a Facebook page for myself. I'm really self conscious about it. I don't regret it though. I hope you "like" it. Get it?

I need someone from my blog linkup thing to help me with my blog design. It's bad.

Until later, farewell! 


  1. I'm here via the blog challenge hop. And I've long struggled with narrowing down my blog. Even today I asked for ideas and got a little of everything. So I think I just don't have a niche. And that's OK for me. Sounds like it is for you too.


  2. Anonymous01 May, 2013

    I'm here via the Blog Challenge hop too :)
    Good luck for the month ahead :)
    Much love