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I Need Help

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
I joined a blog link up. It's over there ---->

So I'm committed to 3 posts per week. This is beneficial to me personally, because I don't want to forget stuff! And I have many a good idea.

Remember how I've been back and forth about who I want to target as my audience? And what I want my blog to be about? I'm decidedly going with... whatever I want. It's official.

Because I've started this new journey to homeschooling, I'm probably gonna post about that.

I also sometimes pretend to be crafty. So I post about that.

SOMETIMES I cook. (that's rare).

Sometimes I rant. Okay, a lot.

And sometimes I talk about my kids/husband/chickens

And then there's... oh man. It really is a buffet of goodness over here on this blog.

I made a Facebook page for myself. I'm really self conscious about it. I don't regret it though. I hope you "like" it. Get it?

I need someone from my blog linkup thing to help me with my blog design. It's bad.

Until later, farewell! 
2 comments on "I Need Help"
  1. I'm here via the blog challenge hop. And I've long struggled with narrowing down my blog. Even today I asked for ideas and got a little of everything. So I think I just don't have a niche. And that's OK for me. Sounds like it is for you too.


  2. Anonymous01 May, 2013

    I'm here via the Blog Challenge hop too :)
    Good luck for the month ahead :)
    Much love