I Have A One Year Old

The Order of these pictures is backwards. It's kind of funny to watch. We go from being happy to being tired/sad. lol. These are ALL from today. Her birthday. Sweet girl. Sorry for the many pictures. And they aren't the quality/style I would normally like to show off. They're all from my phone. I just know that looking back, I will never be sad I posted them. :-)



All I am is happy. And a little sad. She is an angel. My mom asked me today if she thought Genevieve would ever be NOT an angel. And I don't think so. I'm lucky. I'm gonna go ahead and say that yesterday was her first real moving day. She does this amazing awesome scoot. It's so cute. It's like a cheer sit. She scoots in a cheer sit. She is talking like crazy. Says mama and dada and thank you and does the word "more" in sign. We are still nursing but she is becoming more and more interested in food. She got a sippy cup yesterday which I'm not super in favor of but she loves it and gets the fluids I think she's been missing (her diapers have been really dry). I think I have to officially baby proof now. I'm sad about that. Sadie and Jackson are the best siblings to have.


  1. What a wonderful day! I love your family with all my heart!

  2. I knew she would talk early! Told ya so. ;) glad we are both still nursing. I can't believe our babies are one. :(