Lent It To Me Baby

Here's what I know about Lent. It starts on Ash Wednesday and goes until Good Friday. It's 40 days and you give up something you really enjoy as somewhat of an offering. Jesus fasted for 40 days so in essence, that's what you do. Except not really because giving up one thing is not like giving up food and water. Can you imagine?

I'm giving up soda. It's so hard.

My thought is this. Even though the Word of Wisdom does not say that we can't drink soda, I'm gonna go ahead and venture that anything I'm addicted to, is not good.

So anyway. I wrote this on February 22nd. Its not that day anymore. I've been pretty good on the soda thing. The few times I have cheated, it hasn't felt good. Physically. Gross. Thats all for now. What are you giving up?

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