A Problem With Candles

It goes much deeper than just a buying/spending habit. I don't own 16 of anything else. I think my sister said it's like a psychological issue. Why can't I just have 1 candle? Or even 2 would be okay. But no. I have to have 16. Well let me go count them. Okay it's 12. I think I've even written about this before.

I don't know why I'm thinking about it today. Or why Im even choosing to blog about it instead of my darling little baby kids. Oh. I know why. Because I researched the safety of them. I was worried about toxins being emitted through the burning of the wax. I found this super informative site. Go read it if you're worried.

Super Informative Website

Bath and Body Works and Slatkin & Co. use a vegetable wax. And fragrance oils. Even if they were paraffin wax, they'd still be considered safe through the FDA. Candle makers are monitored by organizations that prevent them from putting toxic stuff in their products. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean they are quality and all the way safe. I'm on this organic fix you know. So I wanna make sure that the stuff in my home is good. And won't cause cancer or something. Oh wait, everything causes cancer.

For the most part though, it's fine and I'm not going to feel guilty anymore. You'd have to inhale large quantities of the stuff for days on end, years at a time to have issues. So go ahead, light up that candle and enjoy the smell of the season. Freash Balsam at Christmas, First Spring at well, first spring. Or if you're like me, it's whatever you're craving.

The first day of fall was 3 days ago. Or so I think. Therefore I had to buy a candle to celebrate. I came home with 2. Salted Caramel and Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's silly because Bath and Body made me buy 2 in order to get them for $10 each. So anyway, I came home and made David decide which one he liked best by doing a blind smell test. He didn't know the name of them. And he chose the latte one. Yum. It's burning right now. And i took the other one back. That's right I did. I got the $10 back. Are you proud? See. I don't have a problem.

Also, you might be proud to know that I reuse the container of the candle. I'm not gonna tell you what I do with it because then you'll steal my idea and I want a whole post dedicated to it because I want someone to Pin it so I can be famous and get on Ellen.


  1. Yessss! About the Pinterest and Ellen thing. I want to know.

    I only have one candle. lol Let's make our own with our essential oils. But then we can't make those bakery smelling ones. mmmmm...

    Ok, but what was I really going to say? Oh yeah. Reheating your food in plastic containers. Big cancer causer.

  2. Hi there! So did you make it to the Ellen show? :)
    I'm currently on a major candle kick and I'm doing my research on which candles are okay for me to keep lighting up. My two favorite brands are Yankee & Bed, Bath & Beyond. Thanks for the info! :)

  3. Hi Debbie! Thanks for the comment! I haven't yet made it to Ellen and I probably won't for awhile since we are in Germany! The good news is though, is Bath and Body works sends candles here, and they do it quickly. :)