My Life Be Like

I don't write as often as I'd like to because I feel like I don't have interesting things to say. I have always felt like each post needs a topic, or a theme, or something great. And then I realized just last night that my life is totally worth blogging about. I wish I could tell you each thought I've had today because you'd either laugh or cry. So from here on out, I'm totally going with the flow. You're gonna get an earful. It's not always gonna be interesting or happy. Oftentimes it might be uber boring or totally sad and lame.

Like today.

Well today was overall very good. I got to have a Targasm and I spent money on things I didn't need.

But before that I went to Embry Riddle. I needed some paperwork on behalf of David. I always feel like a fraud when I go there. Because first of all, I don't go there. So I hopped out of my disgustingly out of place Toyota Corolla and strapped my baby onto my body via my Maya Wrap and walked up to where I thought financial aid was. Except it wasn't there. So I totally tried to play it off like I knew exactly where I was going. I didn't. Not even a little. I awkwardly walked around for a bit until I found my building. And then it was closed.

So this wouldn't be so bad except that I had done all that work! I mean, really? Katie was watching my other children so I did only have one. But still. Getting her out of the carseat and in the wrap and walking to the middle of campus on a hot day? Come on. Ugh.

Then the Target situation.

Yes, that says $.99
That was a good one. I didn't get anything I needed. Yes I did. Mini bowls. I'm trying to go minimalist which totally reminds me that I need to blog more about that journey. Anyway, so I got some plastic mini bowls. I failed in my minimalism in that I bought 8. I probably won't use them all. I'll just store 4 of them until the other 4 end up outside and caked in dirt and smashed from cars like the rest of  my mini bowls. Mini bowls. Have I oversaid that word yet? haha.
Well. That's all for now. I'm way way way tired. I washed my comfortor and my sheets. I'm kind of excited about that. And I need everyone here to stand witness (maybe I should post a picture?) that my house is much cleaner without my husband. I was talking to a good family friend and I explained this very fact to him and he said, "Well you got rid of a child for awhile!" speaking in reference to David being gone.

I miss David being gone. We haven't eaten well without him. He's a good one. oooooh, he has a blog. A China one. We are keeping it "in the family" because we don't want the government to find it yet. So if you want to read it, let me know. I'll add you to my e-mail list. It's not private, it's just not public? Or something.

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