Hate Me Today

Pretty much you don't want to read this post. I was gonna post it on the secret blog but I don't wanna. Mostly because I want people and especially other people going through this crap, to know how much it sucks. In that last sentence alone, I omitted two swear words. They were said in my head.

This sucks. It completely sucks. There is nothing really super awesome about this experience. And while I'm sure you can think of plenty, I don't want to hear it right now. Do you have to take care of 3 kids on your own for the next 3 months? Do you have to ask people for help (which is freakin' hard for me) because you actually can't do it on your own? This is so stoopid.

I hope his parents don't read this. Because tonight, I hate their son. I told him that too. And then I told him I had to go because I didn't want to hate him anymore.

So I'll go to sleep tonight. In a room with my newborn and I'll wake up with a foot of space because my 2 kids will have crawled in bed with me and I will be too tired to wake up and put them back in their room. And then I'll wake up and I will not have slept well because of it. I love them yes. I don't want to sleep in the same bed as them.

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