Who else hates to go emergency poo? Don't pretend like it's never happened to you. I'm the only one brave enough to talk about it.

Everyone poops.

Your mom? She poops. Your dad? He does too? The president? Yup. Spiritual/religious leaders? They all go number 2 as well.

So how come noone talks about it? Besides breathing, it's the one thing we all DO in common. Instead of "How are you?" we should say, "How are your poos?" lol. Just kidding. But kind of.

Anyway, I saw in this magazine the other day,

The Fully Automated S400 Washlet / Toilet by Toto

"Furniture Fashion usually reviews much more glamorous seating arrangements however we find ourselves giving the people what they want and often need, a toilet. The Toto S400 Washlet represents the ultimate in clean comfort and convenience with an automatic hands-free flushing system, and a sensor-activated lid that automatically lifts as you approach the toilet and lowers as you walk away. This fully automated toilet is equipped with front and rear washing, warm air drying with variable temperature setting, automatic air purifier, heated seat, and wireless remote with LCD screen. The hands free Toto Washlet is designed for convenience as well as enhanced sanitation and even features a super slick surface to resist against staining and assist in the cleaning process."

So when I have to make those runs (pun intended) to the potty, why not go (pun intended) to it in style?

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