Knowledge is Power Apparently

So if you think you know stuff, you don't! There will ALWAYS be someone who knows more than you. EW. Which is stupid. Because we all have DIFFERENT knowledge. For example, you don't know what it's like to trip up the stairs while holding a bag of potatoes. Oh, and.... neither do I.

This came from Facebook. It's an actual conversation (status) between people I know. And try and get past the spelling. It almost drove me to jump off a cliff. But I managed.

S: is this love ? I sure hope it is :D

Amber: Your too young:) lol

Heidi:  ‎:]

T:  S you have no idea what love is

S:  T you are 12 so shut your lips

T: hey your only what 16 so you need to shut yours this is only a page in your life. oh and i know a lot more then you think i do, and if your so big on knowing what love is tell me

S: im ok im not arguing with you im done

T: done with what‎?

T: i just dont want you to get hurt cuze trust me nomatter what you will never be strong enuf sorry if i was rud but i want you to mack it throw life without that mistak i love you (like a sister)

S: i ♥ you too but i do kno more then you

T:  then tell me i want to know

T:  i'm 13 and thank you i've learned a lot from my 8 sisters

Me: I want to get in on this fight.

Okay! So did you sort of understand it? I know it's hard with all the uh, spelling issues but I'll save that for Lessons in Grammar and Spelling: How to Use the Ends of Words (enuf, kno, rud, etc). Anyway, these girls are very different. T is so mature for her age, wise beyond her years I think. And S, does have more "experience" if we're speaking of actual age. So who's right? I can't say. I was debating back and forth on whose side to take and then I realized that they're both right, in their own right. And plus? How the heck do you measure knowledge?

At what age, and point of knowledge to I get to stop being called "hun" and do the calling of? Should I be grateful that these people think I'm young enough to call me that?  Or am I offended because it makes me feel like i'm 14 and talking to a chomo?

Today at work some lady was explaining what a crappy person I was because my driver didn't pick up her 4 extra (LARGE) bags of trash. I told her that I could send the driver back if she could put the bags inside the can. She said to me "These are 55G bags hun, they aren't going to fit. They are just as big as the can.". Um lady, I know how big those bags are. They're as big as the bags I'm gonna throw at your house. Or as big as the bags under my eyes from listening to you complain.  Our cans are 96G. So use your muscles and squeeeeze. because that's the only way you're gonna get your trashy trash picked up. That's what I wanted to say. But didn't.

How rood.

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