Hiatus Say What?

You've probably been wondering where I am. Or, you probably haven't. You probably haven't even noticed that I've been missing because your Google Reader does all the work for you. Lazy bums.

It's been a whirlwind of a ride. Oh geez, not another cliche. But whatev. Anyway, blah blah blah, David's been gone for 23 days, blah blah blah. And I've sort of been working on this other project for him which I will someday unveil to you. It's not necessarily secret, I just don't want to put forth the effort to tell you about it right now.

However, I do want to tell you a few things.

Number one, my teeth are gritty and I don't want to brush them.
Number two, secretly, you don't like brushing your teeth 3 times a day either so stop lying about it.

Aside from that, here is your obligatory Happy 4th of July. I'm feeling rather unfestive considering my situation (my husband is in the Army and is gone for training). You might think that I'd be all patriotic and what-not. But I have a feeling I'll have plenty of that to come. I think what it is is that I got exhausted the moment I THOUGHT about going out with 2 kids by myself. Yeah, I know right?

I DO have a "Thank You" sticker with a flag in the background in my purse from Em's mom. Does that count? I might even stick it in my window or something.

I'm overly emotional at this moment because I had to say goodbye to my sissy today. She left for Utah to start a new adventure. I am so excited for her but really sad for myself. I love her tons and tons. And since she doesn't read my blog, I'm going to post a picture of her and wait for her to call me and yell at me. But again, I think it's super cute. When I was going through the pictures on my camera this one totally caught my eye. She looks like my little sister in this picture instead of my younger sister. You know what I mean? It takes me back to days old.

I love you sis, Rosacea and all. lol.

My sweet sissy is super unselfish. She'll give you everything she has and not think twice about it. You know that guilty feeling you get when you borrow or take something from someone? Well she has this magical way of making you NOT feel that way. If I could give her anything in return, it would be confidence in herself. She's got SO much to offer and I wish I could instill in her that belief. Maybe that's what Utah will bring. Utah, can you do that for me? (Utah as in, a general sense. The people, the life, the everything). Oh wait, but if you do decide to become Mormon sis, don't be one of THOSE ones okay? You know those ones that I won't say out loud but you know what I mean?

Ugh, change is so hard. And I sort of don't like it. Good luck sister! I love you! And so does God! And Dayne! And Sadie and Jackson and all your Facebook friends. lol.

Anyway, that was serious business. I'm off to dreamland. ew. I hate that cliche too. Gross. But I love you.

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