Moving Around

If you look at my past posts, you'll notice a pattern. Well, a lack thereof. That's because there isn't one. And I sort of feel like I need some direction.

So I'm taking one. Direction that is. Is that even correct grammar? Or English I mean?

The last 200 and some odd posts (222 to be exact) have been somewhat sporadic in nature and I want order. So I'm changing things up a bit.

From here on out, this blog is going to be my family/fluffy blog. The one where I post pictures and snippets of our family life. This will be the address I give to family and friends who want to know what's going on and not necessarily what I'm feeling about work/life/depression etc.

I am making the other blog private ( I hate that)  until I'm ready to reveal myself to all the world. If you want to know where I'm going, e-mail me (lisamarie333 at gmail dot com) and I'll maybe send you an invite to the privateness. I feel weird that I've decided to do this. I'm sort of unsure of it all, but I think it's time.

If you are wondering why I'm doing this it's for a couple of reasons. 1) I haven't found my place yet and I'm hoping this will do it. I read others blogs and they have an audience. They write about certain stuff and they aren't afraid to do so. I need that. I need a blog where I can write all my negativety/sarcasticness down and not wonder/question myself after I've posted. I want to know that the people who read what I write actually know what I'm talking about and don't think I'm silly, or too open, or whatever. And I always wonder that here. Because it's so ... out there.

I feel like I'm going against everything I stand for by doing this. But again, it's sort of just a test. And I'm allowed.

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