Sayin' Dolla Dollah Bills Ya'll

I read off the cars in the parking lot to my sister and we laughed as I pulled next to a Mercedes Bluetec. Seriously? Did you even know those existed?  Maybe because I live in Paulden? I'm the one with the ghetto Toyota: misangled headlights, non-existent hubcaps and more!

We also laughed at the fact that we are both close to a zero balance in our checking accounts. Okay fine, I'm negative. But I went to Ross tonight and took back an article that I hope will recover me to at least above 0! lol. If not, that's okay because I can overdraw tomorrow (with direct deposit, it's possible! Do I sound like a bank ad?) 

I sort of can't understand how some people just have the money. And some don't. My sister joked with me as well about how she was going to divorce her husband just so she could get food stamps and medical benefits. I joke about it too, because I really can appreciate it! I've been lucky (?) to be poor enough to reap the benefits (literally).

I don't really get it though... the way it all works. How my sisters hubby can work SO hard and STILL have to pay out the butt for health insurance. NOT FAIR. Shouldn't they get a break because they contribute so much to taxes? Ugh. I hate it.

Also, I really really really do hate HOA's. Like forever. And always. I will NEVER be a part of one. They're like a cult. That's another story for another day. They are REALLY stealing peoples money.

Lots of Caps lock in this post. I might be fired up. I also might be a bit jittery from an overdose of caffeine but I'm not sure.

The library people are coming after me again. it's 11:50. Last time, they cut me off. They started this count down. "364 seconds until your computer shuts off " and then WHAM it happened only 30 seconds later. Stupid.

There are some free magazines in the entrance of the library. Some Us weeklys from like 2009. And Ebony. Oooh I think I'll get those ones.

Anxiety is coming upon me. I'm the only one left. I better get out of here before this computer self destructs.

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