Again? Really?

Tonight I parked next to a VW Beetle. One of the cute ones. With flowers next to the steering wheel.

That's right. I'm in the library again!! missing out on time with my family and with my husband all because of a massively hard math project. It's Calculas and Finite Mathematics with Applications. ??? Yeah. My fingernails are green and so is my brain. As in, I can't think  much right now. Because all I want to be doing is eating starbursts and watching 90210. I also wish I could go to the gym. They have TV's on their treadmills. i miss Jersey Shore. I am SO behind. Isn't there only like a couple episodes left? Or are they all done now? See? So behind!

These jerks in the library are blasting music. Isn't that like, against the rules? I am tempted to go ask the guy sitting at the front desk to please ask them to turn it down but I don't want to be the school nerd. So instead I'll just plug my head into my own earphones. Rudes.

I have a headache. From a lack of water, or too much sugar. Or maybe it's because I had to work today and we did billing. It could be my stress level as well. Or my period.

Ooooh speaking of which.... I need to talk to you. About something personal. Are you ready? Wait. I just changed my mind. I'll write about that later. But stay tuned because this is something you will definitely want to know about.

I'm going to work on my all to stressful project. Sadie wore mascara today. She loves it. Jackson wears nailpolish on his toes. He likes it.

My hubby got his fancy Army suit today. He told me they are changing the color of it from that dark green to Navy blue. He looks hot in it. I wish I had a picture.

For real now, I am going. But remember to check back for important private news!

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  1. I bet your headache is from all of those things! I am so sorry. I understand about hard school projects...*wink*
    I am anxiously awaiting your next update!