My Husband the artist

This makes me feel happy. Jackson requested The Gooey Geyser and David (the good dad he is) just threw in Dora and Boots. Yes, thats Dora and Boots.

Speaking of which, where are Doras parents? I know they exist cause her mom had twins (a boy and a girl) but do they not care that she is out dodging alligators and volcanos? I never thought about this fact until a good friends mom brought it up. She pointed out the absence of parents in other popular shows as well.

But thankfully my kids like the shows with parents, or the implied parents. The Backyardigans at least are in their backyard and their moms make them snacks (healthy ones too!)

Thomas doesnt have parents. So I guess its not true that they only like parental shows. I think Ill let it slide.

I'll have to ask David to draw The Backyardigans.

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