I love them!

It’s midlife crisis time again. Are you ready?

Woke up today to the sound of rain… song right? It’s true. It was about 6:30. I pressed snooze about 5 times (the maximum number of times my phone lets me). And I laid there. Next to me were the 2 most beautiful creatures ever! It was my Jackson and my Sadie, both sleeping soundly (in the same position!). I got up, stared at them a little longer and realized that I had to wake them! I hate waking sleeping kids (especially mine).

All this, because I had to be to work on time. Work. That’s another story.

I miss my kids! The days I work 2 days, and am off 2 days are my favorite. I have a whole day to spend with them! Granted, at the end of the day I still may want to tear my hair out. But who doesn’t right? And if you don’t, let me know. Cause I’ll probably slap you. Seriously I’ll come over to your house and pull your hair out for you. Wow. That’s violent. Okay, even for me it’s not always like that. Some days we can go a whole hour without anyone crying. And SOME days we can go the whole day without water all over the floor or crumbs in my cleavage.

Back to the sentimentalness. There are things that dad just can’t do! David says to me the other day, “Did you know Jackson knows his colors?” Um, yes! I taught him! Or maybe Dora did. Either way, numbers and letters and objects and foods, and manners… those generally come from mom. Don’t hate if it’s not true for you. This is my version of life remember?

There are so many moments I just know I am missing out on. Oooh funny story. We were all at work today (kids and I) and Jackson was hanging out with Grandpa George (our mechanic). George comes in and says, “I think he needs to go pee pee. Cause he’s wigglin around and grabbin’ it and stuff.” So I’m standing in the bathroom helping him get his pants down and I ask George to make sure he doesn’t leave because “Jackson wants to go with you.” Everyone in the building started cracking up. It took me a long time to realize why it was funny. Even now, it’s not that funny to me. Do you get it?

In conclusion, I love my kids.


  1. I feel like I wanna pull my hair out by lunchtime... almost everyday... unless the baby has slept all morning... oh wait, ya it's the truth. But I love being at home with my babies too. So...I don't get it. Can you explain what was so funny?

  2. Crumbs in your cleavage!?! bwhaha. My kids also make me go crazy every day. I'm usually popping in a couple of tylenol just in time to go and pick up Brian from work.