Our View From The Haunted Hamburger

You cant tell, but its actually really beautiful. Have you ever been to Jerome, AZ? Its really really cute there. And pretty!!! We ate at the aboce mentioned Restaurant. I ordered the hamburger that was on special. It was only $21.00!!! Luckily that was a mistake. I had a mini heart attack for a second.

We had adventures yesterday and today. Camping (last minute) and then Jerome. Loved it. Well not the hard ground, and sore body. But the memories? For sure.

God answers prayers. It's true. I have been stressing about pictures getting done for some clients and after about 16 tries of burning the pictures to a disk, I gave up. And I prayed. And guess what? Yeah, it worked. It ended up taking 3 disks and everytime I tried to burn them without praying first, no workey. But, with some Divine help, they worked just fine. It was definitely a lesson for me. I have been slacking in faith a little bit and this lesson was EXACTLY what I needed.

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