I'm Sorry I Have to be That Person

I have always wanted to be the one that doesn't "moderate" comments. I believe in free and anonymous speech. Except when you are a spammer. Therefore, I have had to unallow? Disallow? Cut-off? anonymous comments on my blog. At first it was just one specific post, but today in my inbox there were a few more posts that had been spammed.

I've been told that once you've been hit, they sort of mark your blog as one that is good for posting stupid stuff. This is one of them from today (I removed the links):

Hi All

I was looking around for Modern Entertainment CenterWall Units (I'm not really sure what the difference is LoL) and was wondering if you know any resources to explain what I need to know to make an informed buying decision. Any review is appreciated.

Thanks in-advance for all your help

This was another one from before:

hpxntxerymryhsvgsxkqy. acne treatment

Ugh. So rude. Anyway, so I've blocked YES that's the word I was trying to think of, people who don't have Open ID or something like that from posting. We'll see how it goes. I've also added comment approval for posts over 14 days old. Because it seems like all the spam is on posts older than 14 days. How is Google so smart to know that? 
That's all for now. I've got some math homework to do. 
Oh yeah, and we had our first book club meeting . We are going to read  The Giver.  Do you want to join us? It's going to be LOTS of fun. We would love for you to come.

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