The Truth of it All is This.

So what's new in our life? I'll tell you. Are you ready?

I hate using cliche's. Cause it's so, well, cliche. But I have to. We've been so busy. I know right? Busy with what though? Not even that much. The same ol' same ol'.

David is done with summer school as of Friday of last week. I feel extra sad that we haven't even done anything to celebrate. He was super duper sweet and brought me flowers and a card thanking me for supporting him through it. I need to post pictures of them. I love them (the flowers), I love him. He got straight A's. Yeah. He's good like that. He starts Chinese in the fall as well as many other cool classes. Watch out world, here he comes.

Sadie is sweet and feisty. She is growing up. She is also climbing on everything. I'm not ready for it. She climbs on things and then whines screams when she can't get down. She is also talking, or mumbling a lot more! It is really super awesome.

Jackson. Oh my. He is hitting so many milestones so fast. If I'm being honest, I feel like the most worst mom in the world. I haven't recorded or videoed or pictured enough of his/her/their growth. It breaks my heart a little. Not only do I NOT have a video camera, Fine. It's just that I don't have a video camera. I do have a regular camera that does it, it just requires effort I suppose. So there. It's the camera and the gumption to do it that I'm lacking. So anyway, he is talking so much better than he used to. He says "ah" before every answer to a question. I have to video this cute thing. It's so very wonderful. I'm going to go home and charge my battery to my ghetto camera so I can get it on video for you.  Today, I was sitting on my bed with my sister. He has this great thing he does where, if you hit someone he gets real angry and says, "Mommy, stop hit Shashy." Then, in a completely different, more sweet voice he says to the victim (in this case my sister), "Shashy, You okay?" Then he will give kisses and hugs as appropriate. I can't take it! It's so wonderful! Today Chelsi (shashy) and I took turns back and forth hitting each other so we could get the affection.

I always promise a lot of pictures but never follow through. Sad day. I think the perfectionist in me can't accept that not all my pictures are perfect. lol.

Is it sad that I look forward to watching Big Brother more than anything? What am I going to do when it's over? I love this season. I don't care what you say, I still like Rachel. Even though she is a little mean. I am rooting for Matt though. If you don't have/watch TV, watch this show. It's a little smutty (but not too much since it is on a family channel), it's interesting, and it's 3 days a week! The best part is, it's online! So even though we don't have cable (hopefully we will soon, Steven?) I can still watch it! Whoop.

I suppose that's all for now. I think I am going to look over some of my unposted drafts and post them. Just as they are.

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