Giddy With Love

Seriously? Did I really just title this post Giddy With Love? Wow. Ghetto. Well, here we go. It's gonna be one of those posts. You know the one where I totally brag about my life? Nah, Not really.

I am really excited about my life. Not anything is super awesome that I need to tell you about. I'm just working on changing my thoughts. It's really sort of cool the difference it makes. I promise. I'm reading a couple of books right now which I will not be naming quite yet. That way you have to keep checking back until I make the big reveal.

Remember when I was sad and mad about being fat? Well that mentality is changing! I just want to be more positive. Simply said.

Growing up, there was a lot of negativity in my home (I love you mom). Not words necessarily, but actions, and thoughts and circumstances. We are programmed with it from childhood even if it's not from our home. Our tests in school are marked with how many we got wrong. We're told NOT to do something because it's bad or dangerous, etc. At times, it's necessary. I know that. I'm making a point in that it's hard to NOT be negative with everything we've learned to base responses off of.

Baby steps, baby steps. Did you know if takes 21 days for something to become a habit? Yeah. It's true. I might be on day 4 or something. lol.

Here is a tidbit for today:

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing
Love is knowing I am everything
And between the two my life moves.
-Nisargatta Maharaj

By the way, I in no way am meaning to be all preachy weachy. I'm just here to share with you! I hope you share with me too!


  1. So totally awesome! I love you!!

  2. I completely agree! It makes a world of a difference :)

  3. You are amazing! I love you!!