Words in my Head

So I'm feeling feisty today. Are you ready for that?

I have a cold. And for some reason that makes me feel like I can say what I want. I can't talk well. When I answer the phones at work not only do I sound like a raspy man, I sound like a sicko. An actual sicko. "Udiedet Disposal, cad I helmp you?.....Do you have your accout dumber?"

David spelled jeans, jeens. lol. So funny. And cute. I like to spell meet like meat. It always throws people off. Can you meat me there? Theres a couple other words I like to spell wrong. Some are inappropriate for young eyes.

Deep inside, I want to climb the corporate ladder. I think it would be exciting. I also feel like I am smart. I have a degree you know. I want to get my masters degree. But right now it's Davids turn. And don't worry, I'm not giving up my dreams so he (as in, "the man") can be number one. It's because it really is his time. He supported me through my degree, it's time for me to do the same.

Also, I do love my kids. I want to be with them especially bad right now. Through some gossip I found out that one of my family members (an in-law) said that I don't want to be a mom, that I only want a career. Rude. It's not even true. If you want the truth I'll tell you. I don't LOVE being a full time mom.  But I do LOVE being a mom to my kids. So shut your mouth. Well not you specifically, unless you are the one that said that.

This is now officially a couple days old. It's time to post. :-)


  1. you'Ve got to love family gossip. My SIL (ex now thankfully) actually said she didn't think I wanted to have kids. Yeah, that's why I was crying every month when I wasn't pregnant. Being a Mom is hard. Being a full time stay at home Mom is even harder. Just because you don't love doing that doesnt make you a bad Mom AT ALL!!!! I think you are a great mom and you just have the courage to write/say what all of us think at least once in a while! So keep it up!

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