Squinty Eyes Make Me Mad

If I had it my way, I would leave town right now. Yup. That's how I feel. I suppose it's my own fault but it seems easier to blame everyone else. My kids are banging on my bedroom window. From the inside don't worry.

Oh. My. Goodness. Cutest moment of my life so far. Sadie was awake with me in bed the other morning. Jackson was asleep on the floor. He woke up, saw Sadie, and they gave each other a kiss. It was SO cute. It was like they were saying, "Good Morning, I'm happy to see you" except in less words. :-)

Jaime Jyna is here. We are having a good time. I met her while I was in college through my roommate Genie. We have had so much fun together through the years. She lived in NY (upstate) while I was in PA and we got to visit each other. Her hubby serves in the Army right this second. Like in the center of it all.  She is here visiting me while he is gone. I totally admire her. She has a baby and he is cute. He is one month younger than Sadie. They don't love each other yet, but they will. Today he gave her a very romantic kiss and she actually accepted it. Beyond that though, they can usually be found pushing each other around. I'd say it's a love/hate relationship.
I got a new phone. It's the EnV3. I enjoy it mucho. Although I really don't know if I like the QWERTY keyboard. Do you like it?

My hair is greasy. I need to shower. It's sort of impossible though. David is working right now and these children hate when we shower. Jackson only hates it if he isn't involved and Sadie, she just hates it. She cries when I get in. It's like she thinks I am going to disappear behind the curtain and never come back. Sometimes I want to.

I am doing Weight Watchers. I am loving it. It's only been a couple weeks. Well one week. I am still waiting for the hunger pains to go away. Will that ever happen? I know I can eat more, but not really. I did make some zero point soup. It's all gone though. I'm gonna have a yogurt! The Fiber One kind. I think they are zero points too. Yup.

Well, I am going to post some pictures on my other blog. Check it out:

Photos by LisANDavid

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  1. Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for the update. So, you were asking if hunger every goes away. Interesting question. This is what I can say on the matter. I lost 45 pounds when I first started up at Curves. I would like to loose about 30 right now after the last baby. I drink tons of water. It helps curb the hunger. And if I am hungry, I pull out something healthy, like carrots or some healthy, low calorie snack. Getting to bed early at night also helped me. The later it gets, the more I want to snack. One piece of advice I got from a mutual friend of ours too: when you go places and eat and you're not sure what's in something, don't take more than a fist size amount of that dish. And remember that if you're hungry, you can munch on something healthy. And it means you are most likely loosing weight. So, when I was loosing, I was excited to feel that way. Be careful. But, be wise.:) Good luck! Love ya!