A Whole Month

It's actually been so long since I last wrote. Craziness. I don't have anything positive to say. I know right? Don't you hate those kinds of blogs? I thought about not even writing because of that fact, and then I figured what the h? There are plenty of other blogs out there with plenty of positiveness to go around. I can recommend a few if you need.

David has been gone for 4 days. That means I have had the kids for 48 hours and counting. Non-stop. Okay, that's a lie. My sister was here today for a couple of hours. I had to get out and get some power. We are poor and have M-Power. Did I already explain how that works? That means, if our magic box doesn't have some dolla bills on it, then we run out. Plain and simple. I could insert something positive here. When I was at Safeway at the M-Power station someone previous left their receipt for me to find. They had a balance due of $847. That's a lot of money! At least my balance is zero. I am grateful.

So back to complaining about kids. I have a great appreciation for single parents. How do you/they do it? There is no way in H-E-Double hockey stick that I could ever do it. I am dying here. I have come super close to losing it already. I had Jackson crawling on my head, and Sadie in my lap, while trying to talk on the phone. I know I've got nothing on a lot of you mama's and papa's out there, but to me.... that was a little too much. Get off the phone you say? Well then I have Jackson whacking me in the ankle with a piece of closet rod. Sadie is still awake. Jackson is still awake and I am still awake. Ugh. I'm tired. How does one put two kids to bed? Ones that have to be put to sleep? I can't leave Jackson for too long because he barges in, begging for a drink. If I leave Sadie, she screams her freaking head off. I'm about to lose it again. Sadie is doing exactly that. SCREAMING!

Okay. I get it. I sort of just had a "grounding" experience if you will. I got up to get Sadie and she just laid her head on my shoulder and went to sleep. (She also burped extremely loud. Gas anyone?). So I laid on the couch, and Jackson joined us. He laid in/on my legs. Very sweet moment for me. I was forced to just be. Even if it was only for a few minutes. My babies need me. And I need them.

With that, I'll end.


  1. what a sweet ending! sometimes (like now) i can't handle my one. and then i sometimes do scream a little. and sometimes a lot.

  2. yosistafromanothermother23 August, 2009

    I feel like I can sympathize with everything you have said. Taking care of children (I don't care how many) without help from anyone is the hardest job ever. You rock tho!! you can do it~! Next time he's gone, just come over to my house! At least we can be crazy and poor together. I love you.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    About all I can say is what the "textbook" answers are. Spend time with your kids and love them. I know how hard that is. I know how hard it is when you want time to yourself and you have two kids crawling on you. I usually have four doing that. It's hard. But, what you give them now hopefully they will give you later. Think of that song "Cats In The Cradle". I LOVE that song. I try to remember that song when I want space. Then I try to get the space I need so we can do something fun. I love my kids. They are such a blessing to me and they are my hardest trials at times too. You're a great mother! Give yourself credit and give your kids a hug!

  4. You ended that so beautifully Lisa! Thank you. I cried. Those moments are the reward! And thank you for sharing. You are an incredible mom, your kids love you, and so do I. Mom