I Don't Have Anything Interesting to Say

I love Target. David came up with a term that he likes to call a "Targasm". Whenever I'm in a bad mood, or stressed out, he tells me to go have a Targasm. And I do. And I come home completely happy and refreshed. Just being there restores my sense of peace and serenity. It's my Zen place.

I was there today and filled up my cart with goodies galore from the dollar bins, and clearance racks. However, I think everyone would be pleased to know that I came home with only a toilet bowl brush and a 6-pack of ribbon (from the dollar bins mind you, and don't worry it was 50% off which means it was only $.50.) Thank you very much. Yeah. I know. It's too bad David doesn't even care, because he would probably be proud.

Wayne Dyer taught me something. He was talking about the law of necessity or something on a C.D. I listen to in my car (thanks sis. See, I listen). Anyway he said, "You don't really need anything. (Long pause). Because you've already proven you can live without it." Or something to that effect. I have started thinking about that lately mostly when I've filled my shopping cart with nonsense. So when I was about to go checkout at Target today, I looked in my basket and decided that I did in fact need the toilet bowl brush because #1 it's making me crazy to sit on my toilet knowing it's super disgusting, and #2 it actually looks discusting. Thirdly, I did need the 6-pack of ribbon because Sadie needs those colors of bows. See. I'm awesome.


  1. awesome! I love wayne dryer!!!!

  2. Love Target... Love you! Hope you have a good week... I love diet coke... do you?

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Yep, you are awesome! And we miss you! Take care and smile!:)

  4. I love Target, too. It is the best store ever. I love living so close to it. :)