In the past, I have used my Myspace blog for my "real life" blogs. I think I am sort of over that though. It's time for me to be real in all things. My Myspace blogs are always super random, very honest, and not very long. I think I'll start doing that here.

At church today (I've been going by myself for the last two weeks because David has been out of town), I sat in the mothers room with a girl who told me she wanted to have 10 or 12 kids. She was serious. I almost laughed outloud when she said that until I realized she was serious. I kept my mouth shut though. I'm happy for people that are natural moms. I really do think there is such a thing.

Sadie is a real baby now. She isn't even newborn. I hate that I don't have good pictures of the last two months of her life. I wish I did. However, I think I will be over that soon since my wonderful Mil was willing to pick up my camera's battery charger from Picsag and Asian's house. She is so wonderful.

My anniversary is this week. Four whole years. I know right? What is one supposed to get? I don't think you get anything till your 5 year anniversary right? And even then isn't it paper or something? I'm gonna go look. Ooooh I'm a winner. It's flowers this year. Your first year is when you get paper. NICE! This is where I found my info. I hope it's right.

Okay. I have to go do the dishes now since Chelsi refuses.

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  1. Hey, it's MY anniversary this week too! Cool! Mine's on Friday--the 27th. Just my first though, so I guess I just have to worry about getting paper for Andrew. :)