It's me and David's 4th anniversary. Don't worry he forgot. Not really though. He just forgot to say it this morning. He said he thought about it all night and then when I said it first today, he was so upset. It was cute. We celebrate tomorrow though. It's gonna be fun. I've thought about what happened 4 years ago on this day and it is seriously my most favorite day in the world.

Everything was perfect. Pretty much no one's wedding day was or will be as good as ours. Sorry. We are just to fabulous to be beat. lol. Him and I waited so long to be together forever. We started dating before his mission (I know right?) and then lasted the entire two years (sort of). Didn't take long for us to get engaged and married after he got home. It was a long 5 month engagement. ha ha.

We all know that the ceremony is the most important part but the reception... that's the fun part. I didn't get to eat any of the food that was served. Does anyone know what we had? I was too busy dancing the night away. SO fun! I'm so thankful to everyone that was there. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Most people write a long list of what they love about their spouse but I am not gonna do that. It's too cheesy for my liking. Everyone already knows how wonderful my man is.

Okay so on to other things.

We have two babies now. In four years, two babies. Is that a lot? I sort of think so. I am grateful for them. They are cute.

On to other things.

This time of year is such a strange time for me. I love it because it's springtime, it's a fresh start. It's a time for celebration of the flowers and the love and the marraige. But it's also a time of sadness of sorts. My dad passed away three years ago at this time. We don't know for sure the day (we picked the 25th although I think it was the 24th). It's super hard. More recently though, I have decided to instead mourn his loss, celebrate his life. He really changed.
la la la
I grew up not really knowing my dad. He was gone a lot on trips for work. When I was 11, my parents divorced and we moved to AZ. I saw him occasionally when he would travel to see us or when we would go to Utah to see him.

He moved to AZ to be with us (my sisters and I). He changed his life. He spent some time with Steph in Phoenix and then came to Chino to work and be with us. He was staying at our house until he moved into a trailer near the site he would be working on for David's dad. He was a backhoe operator. An AMAZING one. David and I left for the weekend, it being first anniversary. We came home on a Saturday evening to find him on our couch. Peacefully asleep. Or so I thought. He wouldn't wake up from that sleep though. I can't tell you how hard that day was for me.

If anyone else were to say this to me, I would want to hit them but I can say it now and feel good. It was his time. He accomplished what he needed to do. He came to us, he loved us, he moved forward. And he went home.

I kept a bunch of his stuff. Included in the pile of papers he had were numerous notes from doctors saying he needed to be in a wheelchair. He was constantly in so much pain. He wrote a letter to someone explaining how hard it was for him to do simple stuff like tie his shoes (which I think is part of the reasons he wore moccasins everywhere) yet he would get down and play with his granddaughter. I'm sure that Heavenly Father was aware of his pain.

Ross (David's dad) told us later that he had approached him to ask him when church was because he was planning on going on Sunday to surprise me. He never did get the chance. When we found him, inside his overnight bag were his scriptures, his moccasins and some shirts...the essentials. Oldies were playing in the background and his dartboard was hanging on the wall. I'm thankful for that.

I love my dad. I miss him but I am SO happy for him. I am sure he is loving his life right now. I am grateful for the knowledge I have of the plan God has for us. I have never had such a strong testimony for the plan of salvation than I do now.

If you have a chance, listen to this song. It's called "I'm Movin' On" by Rascal Flatts. He said it was his song.

I love everyone. Thank you for being there for me.


  1. Lisa! I love this post and all of your posts for that matter! Happy Anniversary! Your wedding was so fun and I am so glad we were able to go! We had so much fun! Remember how we rode back with you and David back to Paulden after you were married?! Who does that?! Sorry we were lame and intruded on your first opportunity to get frisky in the car! Love you guys!

  2. Lisa. I'm seriously a little misty eyed right now. I loved this post. You have such a great way of bring optimistic while explaining such poignant feelings. Great post.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! THank you for your post! It was sweet and honest (like always) You are great!

  4. Thinking of you, Lisa, in behalf of all of us, about your dad, and have a wonderful anniversary. Or, rather, I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

    Love you!

  5. Happy Anniversaries friend!

  6. This was my favorite post ever! I love you tons! Come over ok? We'll have our own celebration! ;) wink wink.

  7. Congrats you two. Im sure the years have seemed to fly by but I hope you have enjoyed every moment of them, Great post Lisa.