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I was just reading the blog of a friend of mine and am here to express my gratitude for my babies who don't mind diaper changing. I've heard of a few babies that don't like their diaper changed and mine have never had a problem. So lucky. Yeah. That's right. I'm better than you. Just kidding!!!

You know you're a mom when you blog about diaper changing.

I also wanted to write another "You know you're something when.." kind of blog. The title shall be called, You Know You are a Popular Mom Blogger When:

Your title has something to do with being a diva, a (insert noun)-a-holic, or the word savvy.

You do giveaways

You have a link to all of those super awesome mommy blogs and they give you awards

You have html code available for a banner that links back to your blog

Your blog has been customized by someone other than yourself

You make money from your blog

Your visitor count is over 4 people a day

You think you are all that

You get more than 2 comments per post

I hate those kinds. Maybe cause I am jealous. Yeah that's it. Oh well. I'm special in my own way. I love everyone.

Jackson is freaking cute. He loves drinks, Cars, and his blanket. Sadie is wonderful too. She sings so beautifully, is almost sitting up, and I can put her hair into a tiny ponytail on top of her head. Muy Bueno.

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  1. wow, i am glad my blog doesn;t have any of those things. i don't even know of anyone besides you and my mom that read it. see how not popular-aholic I am?