A Funny Story

This is a funny story. It's probably not going to be funny to you.

Chelsi and I watched our niece Em yesterday. She walked downstairs to find Emilee coming into the room with a rag. Chelsi looked over at Sadie (who used to be sleeping) and saw her face pretty much covered in pudding. Emilee had attempted to "share" her chocolate pudding with her cousin. It was so funny. Sadie had pudding on and in her nose. I was cracking up!!! Sadie the brown noser. Hope she enjoyed her first taste of chocolate. Oh wait. It's her second. Anyway, it was cute.

I had a massage today. A free one. I know right? I guess I am super awesome. I wonder if it is weird for massage therapists to massage naked people they don't know. She told me a lot of things that I didn't even know (regarding reflexology). I'm totally a believer.

It's time for me to go watch a "show" with Jackson. He loves the Backyardigans. Can someone send me their crib matress? We need another one. Thanks.


  1. Come to Utah... I have a mattress for you =) That is by far such a funny story! ROFL

  2. That was a cute story! Where did you get a free massage. Not wierd to massage people you dont know! Not at all. When you know people sometimes they feel wierd then you feel wierd. that is all.