I wish for a week or two I could write like Jaime. She is such a good one. Her blogs are always so poetic and wonderful. I always feel like I am reading a novel by a very smart person when I read her posts.

Instead I have to settle for what I am. I'm not even sure what that is. Today I was thinking that I very much feel like a mother ALL the time. What happened to lazy days and sleeping in? It depresses me when my mom tells me that I won't really know what  a good nights sleep is for say.... 15 years. Does anyone have any solace for me? I'm not gonna complain too much because I love my babies.

This time around I feel so much more comfortable with being a mom. I am not stressing so much about the little things like making sure she is all covered when I bathe her, or cleaning her umbilical cord EVERY time (My doctor actually said that it's no longer a big deal to do it). The little things... they don't matter so much as enjoying the moments.

I haven't really been enjoying the moments though. I've been more frustrated than anything. I hate being so tired. I hate the sound of the yucky wail she lets out for no reason except she wants to suck on my boob. Seriously. This girl doesn't even want to eat, she just wants to suck. Not on a binky, not on a bottle, just on my booby. It drives me frickin crazy.

I love my Tom Cruise baby right now. He is wearing a shirt with socks and no pants. His socks are black though and he is WAY cuter than Mr. Cruise.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for many things. I won't list them because that would take too long. I love everyone. 

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