Contraction Nickle

That's her name everyone! Surprise! People have been asking and we have been hesitant to share what our final pick was(is) but we figured it is time to let the secret out. Contraction Marie Nickle. Do you like it?

I'm now what? FIVE days overdue. Thanks. I would definately like some sympathy here. I actually came home today in a cranky mood because of it. I have been fine until now. Now I am just rageful.

Went to the doctor today. Everything is fine and dandy. No low fluids, she's in a good position (really low), dialtated to about a 4, blah blah blah. He said I could have scheduled a C-section tonight, well last night, well whatever (on Tuesday night) or I could wait till Saturday when he gets back from his business trip. OR I can just wait it out. However if (WHEN) she comes, he won't be there to deliver me if it occurs tonight through Saturday and the on call Doc will have to do it. Stressful for him (the other doc) he says, because he doesn't know my medical history. Ugh. I have another appointment on Friday. I'm tired of appointments. Being weighed and peeing in a cup is not exactly my favorite thing to do.

The ultrasound said she weighs 9 pounds 1 ounce. It could be off a pound or two. Let's hope in the lower direction. I want a small baby this time around. I want her to wear newborn clothes. You know the ones that are for 5-8 pounders?

My feet are swollen a little bit tonight. How is it possible that two pregnancies can be SO different? Is there a medical explanation? With Jackson I was gigantic and fat and huge. No one even told me. I had swankles and swollen fingers and growing pains and I hated my life. This time around it's been pretty great. No swankles, not AS much water weight, and I'm doing alright. I have been contracting since 22 weeks though (hence the name). Maybe it was the testosterone from Jackson being a boy. It goes to show that I shouldn't have been one. I'd be way fatter and crankier.

But seriously? 40 weeks PLUS? That's ridiculous. Maybe with all of this complaining, I will get my water to break. Oh yeah, whoever tells you to walk to get your contractions going is a piece of crap. Wow. Did I really just say that? I didn't mean it. What I mean is, whoever tells you to walk is a liar. Is that better? My doctor (who has all sorts of smart people degrees) told me that walking only helps when you are in ACTIVE labor. Otherwise it just wears and tires you out. SO, I asked what WOULD help get labor going. Guess what he said? Having sex. Uh-huh. That's the first and ONLY thing he said. Ugh. Are you kidding? That's the last thing on my mind. To let you in on too much information, I have wanted to um... you know... do it... once... in the last little while. He missed his oppportunity though. The window closed. Now I see myself as nothing but Jabba the Hutt, pregnant. If that's what it takes though, I just might give in. Wish me luck. Or maybe you should wish HIM luck. Lol. I'm funny.


  1. So is she going to go by Marie?
    I was 2 weeks overdue with Dallin. Good luck with that!
    I hope she comes soon. Oh and good luck David!!!

  2. Good luck Lisa! I know how the c-section is so I am praying for a v-bac for you! You better post all about it!