Rock Art

As you may know from my previous blog(s), I have been quite bored lately here in Paulden. I don't have cell service blah, blah, blah. Although I did discover I can sometimes send texts in the bathroom. I know. I text on the toilet. It's a secret confession I have been wanting to make. Anyway, now that you know everything you didn't want to know about me, I'll get on to my point.

Actually, I have to explain some background. David, Jackson and I made a very exciting trip into Chino Valley today to pick up some stuff for a boat he's making. I've been telling everyone that God told David another flood was coming so thats why he's building a boat. It would be really funny if you could see where we are because you would laugh and scoff at him. It's brown here. Again, moving on. So I had some service for about 30 minutes (the duration of the trip) and I wrote my good friend Maria asking for some advice (this is text messaging).

Me: Hi. How are you? I am in service. Starting to get in a bad mood about Paulden.

Maria: Aw :( Not so fun. Im doing okay. Also bored out of my mind. Went on a walk with puppies and when we got back mil (mother-in-law) asked why were back so soon. Nice.

Me: No way! Are you serious? Thats awful. And funny. Sorry. I feel like I should be reading or something. But that just makes me tired. So I don't do anything. Ugh. Any ideas?

Maria: Yeah. I decided to annoy her all day :) hm I dunno. Make rock art :) or make a dirt castle. I dunno. Make something good to eat.

Me: lol. So effing funny. I think I tinkled in my panties. Or maybe I could go find some cattle guards and play the game with myself. Or maybe I could go chase dust devils.

Maria: Lol. Exactly or maybe you can go take pictures of Paulden, America and scrapbook it. Like your favorite places.

Again, it's not really funny if you don't understand what Paulden is. I'll go take a picture.

It definately has its own kind of beauty. For sure. This is the view from the back porch

Front Porch

Interpretive Rock Art (for Maria)

Again, I will never ever deny the beauty it does have. The skies, starts, opennesss... it's all good. But when you are couped up for too long, you start to dread the thought of not being able to go anywhere without walking (or driving) a million miles.

I hate having a gazillion chins. I'm going to eat brownies. I think that will help.


  1. How old is your son? Maybe you could retrieve some of these rocks and cut out construction paper or something to give them faces and decorate their "bodies". And, if you happen to have any googly eyes laying around (you can always come to my house in case you don't), you could turn the rocks into frogs or something!

  2. I miss you too!!!!! I checked the email thing and it said you are already on it so maybe I'll just open it to the public, I don't know. I've been doing way better than before:) Now I'm just trying to put off packing as much as possible and visiting everyone. How have you been? I've been thinking about alot of the fun times that we had packing as I am now experiencing that joy. Lol.

  3. You make me miss paulden in a funny way. I don't miss it enough to move back anytime soon though.

  4. interpretive rock art is my favorite... now about the dirt castles.... :)

    ps, how was the cake?