Oh How Lovely Was the Morning

These past few days I have been waking up to the smell of french toast or in today's case, pancakes. It's fantastic. David's mom is so good at making a hot meal for her family. It's been so nice staying here. I don't even have to clean up after Jackson every second of the day. There are so many other cousins running around so I don't feel quilty when there are toys everywhere. It doesn't matter that his family is crazy in their own special way, it matters that they love us.

I have often been bored here in Paulden, America. Paulden is the capital of the "blink or you'll miss it" towns. Seriously. You drive through the center of it all and there is a post office on one side and the pink store on the other. Blink too long, and you will pass it. No joke. I don't have cell phone service or my own computer. I am relying on the continued permissable use of their electronics. It's nice that his mom doesn't have a Myspace, Facebook or blog only because she isn't on her laptop that much. However, I am.

They have this gorgeous wrap around porch that I am sitting on currently. The view is amazing. That's one thing that Lock Haven doesn't have, open skies. There are views from every degree, and they go forever. I love it. In fact, I've been on a couple 4-wheeler rides to the top of a hill where the view is even better. I know just what you are thinking, me on a 4-wheeler 7 months pregnant? Makes me laugh too. David is gentle though. Last night we went on a double date with his brother to this very same place only it was night time. We had a campfire and hot dogs and smores. It was like old times. I think I fell partly in love with David on a 4-wheeler. We spent many hours together riding together before we were married, and even after. The move to PA kind of limited our time on one only because we didn't have one to ride. Up on the mountain, we told jokes, laughed, and I peed twice ALL in the one and a half hours we were there. That's ridiculous. I blamed it on the ride. Oh my goodness, the stars were amazing too. Oh my goodness. Everyone needs to come over and look at the stars. I saw at least 5 shooting stars.

It's David's birthday. My good friend Maria said he gets to be in the Quarter Century Club. She is president (her birthday was in February), he is Vice and I will get to be Secretary in 4 months exactly. Maria's husband, Da Ultimate Wanksta, gets to be CEO since he is like 98 years old. On Maria's birthday we made it a point several times over to make sure she felt super old. We had it announced at a cheer competition, and at the bowling alley that she was now old enough to rent a car with no extra fees, or that she is 1 quarter of a hundred years old. It's kind of is old. I'm happy to be the youngest.

I love David for many reasons but mostly because he is sweet like sugar. I was gonna copy Megan and write the 25 reasons why I love him but I figure it would take me forever. ;-) Or maybe it's just cause I'm too lazy and it would make this post even longer than it already is. All I know is that I am grateful to his mama and papa for making him 25 years and 9 months ago. It's fantastic.

I'm going to eat now (is that surprising?). I hope David makes me something delicious. Oh wait, I suppose I should make him something since it is his birthday. Dang it.


  1. Even tho I'm not a Paulden, American 'native', I do miss the view and the 4-wheeling. Good times in that small town... Oh and I LOVE the pink store. Yes, very cute town... My most favorite was playing 'Cattle Gaurd!!'...

  2. I'm glad to hear everything seems to be better and I'm jealous of the view and the 4-wheeling! for sure.

  3. I got to go 4 wheeling this weekend too! It was a blast! I still need to blog about it! Are you guys staying in Paulden now? I guess that nixes the lets hang out if you're 100 miles away! I'm glad you cand David could reconnect! That's so important in hard times.