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I remember spending the fourth with all my family. Back in the days when we lived in Utah, it was a big deal. Probably one of my favorite holidays (back then). It began early with hotcakes (or an egg McMuffin if you were my sister or mom) from McDonalds. Then it was on to the spot on the corner. The one in front of the funeral home. It was there that we waited for the parade to begin, but not before playing tag in the yard of the funeral home. I remember feeling a little creeped out by the fact that dead people's spirits could be haunting us as we played. I loved those times. The parade was always exciting but it was the stuff leading up to it that was more fun. The Utah family was/is so good about doing things together. There were always get-togethers for special events. My favorites were the ones where we met for potlucks at the park. I'm pretty sure there didn't have to be something special for those. Maybe I just remember wrong. I loved the park with the yellow merry-go-round. They got rid of it eventually. Probably some lawsuit or something. Anyway, after the parade in the morning, we had to wait it out until the night time for fireworks. I don't actually remember a lot about that part, but I'm sure it was good.

Those feelings came back to me for a little while today as I watched fireworks with Abe and Janell and the kids and Janell's parents. There was generations of people there. Not as in a lot of people, but there were the grandparents, their children, and then their children's children. And us, the aunt and uncle. It hasn't really been that way since I can remember. Just the feeling of togetherness and stuff. I can't really explain it well but it was a good feeling. I liked feeling the belonging.

Happy Fourth to everyone everywhere even though it's 15 minutes until it's over.

P.S. We were at one of the "best shows in the nation". The display of fireworks at Penn State is apparently one of the bestest. Everyone should move here.

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  1. I miss that too! There is something about small towns and the 4th of July. It just seems like it's better there! Brent doesn't understand that. But I'm gald you had a good 4th!