Now AND Laters

I love that candy. Which friend of mine calls them Now Or Laters. It's Jaime I think .Funny girl. Anyway, I'm kind of upset because I spent all this time on my blog and I couldn't even get it to be what I wanted. How annoying right? Yes. I spent several hours tweaking the header and it just wouldn't work. And now I am in a bad mood.

I was a good mother and took Jackson to the park today. We only lasted about 10 minutes because it started to rain. However, it was still a good time. The stinkin grocery stores were full of people today. I drove all around town to find an empty one and had no such luck. Everyone in the world is a procrastinator. The 4th is tomorrow so everyone is going the day before to get their buns. and hot gods. I can't spell that word. Hot dotgs. Hot dogs. Why won't my fingers find the correct letters? I don't know. Now I'm starting to feel crazy because I keep messing up a lot. I should stop focusing on my typing.

It upsets me a lot that I write super good blogs in my head at night. I should just get up and write them then and there. Usually, my husband is playing with his sexy companion. That's what I call his minion or whatever from World of Warcraft. She is this skinny, half dressed elf or something that follows him around (in the game, not in real life), and stuns the guys with her beauty. Fabulous huh?

Anyway, I go now. I'm going to work on my blog somemore. New word. Somemore. I want S'mores.

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