My Cleaner

Jackson has discovered the joy of baby wipes. I'm kind of excited about it though. I use them pretty often to wipe up silly stuff. It's so much easier to pull one out and wipe down the table, his face, or even the T.V. instead of using a washrag. I know. Judge me for polluting the environment. It's totally worth my sanity and the non-laundering of an extra item. Anyway, the reason I am excited is because he now tries to help out. He has been cleaning the T.V. all night. It's kept him busy and I am hoping it will turn into something useful. A kid who likes chores? Is it possible? He wipes the carpet, our legs, and whatever else he can. It's actually super cute.

Our life/yard sale is going well. It was only the first day today and we made some bucks. We are richies. Oh wait. Wish us luck tomorrow. I hope we don't get anymore professional yard salers. They annoy me. And talk me out of money. For example, we had this lady talk me down from a dollar to $.50. Are you kidding me? Of course I didn't say no. I didn't have the time in my head to rationalize. The thoughts of getting rid of stuff overpower my desire for money. I think I am going to change that for tomorrow. And then on Saturday I'll go back to the getting rid of stuff frame of mind. Yeah. That's what I am gonna do.


  1. So you're heading back to AZ, huh? And in a week in a half! Sounds kind of like our move to Washington! Have you enjoyed it in PA? Will you miss it our are you ready to leave? What's taking you back to AZ? Are you going to live in Paulden/Chino or Phoenix or where? Ronda is up here visiting with us right now. She has been here a week and fly's home tonight. It's been fun! Keep us posted!

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