It’s Closing Time

David, Jackson, Baby Girl and I are moving to AZ. Yes, it's true. Isn't it always like this? It just happens. Don't worry, we are doing it in a week and a half. We decided yesterday. This is how it was with the move to PA except that we did it in two weeks. lol. This time, we are selling everything we own and are pioneering across the U.S.. THe reason being is that it would cost $1200 alone to rent a U-Haul. Then we figured an extra $1200 in gas not including gas for the car which would be about $250. If you ask me, that's a lot. So instead, David's parents have graciously offered to help us. They are in Nauvoo for the pageant and brought a trailer with them. There is limited room which is why we are only taking the necessities. At first I was freaking out but then I thought about all the fun I am going to have at Ikea. Not really. I'll probably be shopping on craigslist. Which is not sad considering there are many items in superb condition I've already looked at buying. I've also listed lots of our own stuff on Craigslist. I love it. Why do I feel like this is the most boring blog ever?
I've considered changing the names in my post. You know how many fellow bloggers have ficticious names for their children and spouses? Well, I thought about this last night and came up with good ones for them but, as usual, I have forgotten. Ugh. Does anyone have ideas? I think maybe I'll start from here on out as soon as I get good names for everyone.
If you need something for your house, let me know because we are probably getting rid of that same thing. Except that I won't give it away for free, it'll come with a price.  We've got good stuff. You can't have my recliner though. That's going.

Phoenix, AZ here we come. I don't know that I am excited about the heat and the traffic and being around my crazy family, but it will at least be a good experience. I'm definately excited about the opportunities there. It's amazing how a change of attitude can change a whole outlook. I'm not letting my anxiety get the best of me. Please send your positive energy our way. I'll return the favor. :-) 

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