Mine, all Mine

We went and saw Wall-E tonight. I loved it. It's great to have a child because you can use him/her for excuses to see Disney movies. Not that I need one, but just in case I'm ever feeling self-conscious (me? What?)... anyway, it was a good time.

Yesterday Janell and I (with kids in tow) went on a walk in the forest. Besides the humidity, bugs and fence barriers, it was a great time. Jarom encountered a giant's table (see pic). It was so cute the way he said it. I can't remember exactly how it came out but it was so priceless. From a child's view I can totally see how this resembles what a giant might sit at for his meals. For the giant, it might be like one of those old school desks that tilts up. I wonder if in Jarom's head the giant is a good one or bad one. Maybe a combination of both? One who sleeps during the day but gets up to eat all the bad monsters under the bed at night? I don't know. What I do know is that it was a sweet moment. One I enjoyed very much. Mostly because it made me daydream a little bit. I think sometimes I let the worries of the world get to me so taking a walk into my imagination was fun.

I'm feeling a little bit tired now. I am also starting to feel pregnant which I don't know if I am happy about. I told David that this time around I want a body pillow. I told him it's a necessity and not even a want. With Jackson, I slept with multiple pillows and it was not so fun. One for the swankles, one for the belly, one for between the legs. That's too many. Getting a body pillow would resolve all of those issues. Yup. It's time to go shopping.

I love everyone today. It's a good one.

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