Hot and Humid

Does anyone wanna tell me why it is so gross out today? I seriously haven't stopped sweating since I woke up. I'm so mad. Part of that reason is because I went yard saleing. Is that a word? I guess I should say yard selling. No. that's not right. Anyway, it was fun. Went with Shannon and we got some super awesome items. She got one of those old school chalkboard desk things with the magnets. Does anyone remember those? I do. I got a whole bunch of super cool toys for Jackson. And clothes. I'll have to take pictures of my treasures. I got lucky.

I almost can't type because my sweaty fingers keep slipping on the keys. I don't wanna talk about it. Do you? Are sweaty fingers a real thing?

Apparently, when its a thousand degrees outside the only fun thing to do is sleep. I don't even think that is fun since once gets all sweaty and gross from just doing that. My boys don't seem to mind.

I should stop complaining. It doesn't make it any better.

I'm gonna go read Anna Karenina. I know right? I got it at a yard sale for $.10. Can't beat that. It's a translated version and looks like it might be easier than reading it in Russian. I'm hoping the authors who translated it make it a little easier to read.

Ok. That's all.

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  1. I am dying of heat and humidity too. I am hot and sticky all the time. Unless they have lived in it, I dont think people realize how miserable it is. Eating ice cream helps. Or snow cones. I might try squirting my children with a water bottle.