Churchy Wurchey

Bad times at church today. I don't even know why we go. Okay, I know why we do but it doesn't seem worth it sometimes. Mostly because church happens right when Jackson is supposed to sleep. I can't exactly rearrange his entire schedule for a once-a-week occurence. Ugh.

Needless to say, we don't experience much of the goodness of church. I have been telling David for awhile that sacrament is the most important. After that, it's still good but not as necessary. Some might disagree but this is my blog so I get to say what I want. I also think that I would get a lot more out of my sabbath day by being at home meditating on the scriptures while my child happily sleeps.

I have so many cute pictures to post. I must post the picture I took while talking with my mom on the phone. Jackson is naked except for his "chick" bib. Previous to eating almost the entire box of macaroni he had eaten a nutri grain bar and Barbie cereal. I feed my child well huh? At least he's happy and he is healthy too.

It's Father's Day. Good thing Jackson has the best Dad ever. They really are sweet together. I love watching them. David went in to get him today after he had woken (word?) up and you should've heard the squeal that Jackson made. It was unlike any other. He is most definately a Daddy's boy.

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  1. I come to find out that no matter what time church is, it is always during a meal or a nap time. I guess that's one reason to look forward to having all your kids grown, so you can actually hear and listen to what they say at church! Cut picture of Jackson!