The Birthday

So Jackson didn't really have a party for his birthday. We decided to celebrate it this next weekend because of other activities which have taken up a lot of time. He did get a present from his grandparents and loved it very much.

I love his face in this picture. You can see the smile. Richy!

Thank you to Grandpa and Grandma "C" for the card and money! He got a super cool toy to play with.

We had a yummy brunch at the Texas Restaurant. No, not the Texas Roadhouse, but a local restaurant here in town. It was delicious. Then we went down to the river and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a super good day!

I've gotta say he is the cutest boy ever! And conveniently, on his b-day his top left tooth came in! Yay. He is growing up!


  1. Happy Birthday to Jackson! I love the pictures. Super cute! I couldn't find your new blog for the longest time, but I've got it now! :) Arn't babies so fun? I'm excited to have a boy! He'll be here in about 3 months or so!!

  2. I am the worst friend...I completely spaced that you had a blog until I just saw the comment you left. I will add you right now so we can keep in touch better! I can't believe Jackson is 1! We haven't even met him yet! Hope everything is going good for you guys! Come visit's been too long!

  3. okay, so I just went back and read some of your blog! I didn't want to say anything about you being preggo because I hadn't seen it on your blog yet, but we've known for a while and I've been wanting to say...CONGRATS! When are you due? You will be such a good mom of 2!

  4. Jackson is seriously the cutest baby ever. You should send his pictures in and have him on the cover of a magazine.