Am I the Only One?

David and I always joke about being white trash. We really once were. Living in a trailer on wheels in the dirt qualifies one for the definition of white trash. We were not sad about it though. I loved our trailer with the different siding and I especially loved the couch in our front yard. Okay, it wasn't a front yard. It was 10 feet away from our front door. I remember the days of barbecuing processed meat over the fire with Brian and Sharai, all from the comfort of the couch in our yard. I loved that trailer. However, we have moved on to a different kind of white trash.

We are now the ones that are dressed down to go to wal-mart. Example, picture this: David, Jackson and I having a nice family day out. Jackson is wearing nothing but a t-shirt and no pants (only a diaper). He has bed head from the night before. I'm wearing sweats and a t-shirt with undone hair (due to the stupid men taking over my bathroom but that's another story), and David is wearing work clothes (he's a construction worker). Yes, I know. We are the pretty ones you look at in the store wondering 'where did they come from'. We came from Paulden dang it. And we're proud of it. At least we have our front teeth. For now anyway.

I always said I didn't want to be one of those kinds. David says we aren't, but we are. Because this is not just a once time occurence. It happens more than once a week. Usually I'm a good enough parent to put clothes on my child though. It just happens that day I didn't want to. After I had this realization (yesterday) I have made an attempt to wear normal clothes. Just in case you want to know, I'm wearing jeans and a shirt. The shirt isn't even a t-shirt. I'm proud of myself. Now it's time to change Jacksons clothes. He's only been wearing his "My mommy loves me" shirt for three days now. At least I had the decency to bathe him yesterday. It's mostly Janells fault. We were at her house and her kids wanted a bath so Jackson got to join the cousins. Okay, we are usually pretty good about that too. I'm just exaggerating. It makes for a better story.

I hope from now on I have more stories of a clean child, a clean house, and a clean me. Oh wait, that would be heaven.


  1. I'm going to wish you good luck on more, more, more since you are prego and I hear it only gets harder from there! Not to be discouraging! Ha ha! But seriously good luck to you! It is possible, my sister in law has two kids and looks cute all the time!

  2. I love your blogs. I could read them all the time. :) Write more please. I love it. I remember I used to not leave the house unless I had makeup on and all of that, now I just don't care. I care but not as much. Right? But now I am me. I like it.

  3. Just found your blog and have been reading it. I LOVE this post, probably because I am from Paulden too! LOL Good to find you guys. Check out our happenings at if you get a chance! Ginny Hale