Who Knew?

I thought the drama would end in high school. Little did I know, it was just beginning. I feel that because I am an adult, it should stop. It just keeps going... like the energizer bunny. Except that drama isn't pink and fuzzy.

At least I have a few good friends and really good family members who are there amidst it all. Is that even a word? Amidst? For them, I am thankful.

Church was really good yesterday. I actually bore my testimony. I only do it when my heart pounds out of my chest. It only started to do that at the end of the meeting. Wouldn't that be my luck? Anyway, I could actually see my heart beating out of my chest. It was crazy. I bore my testimony of the knowledge I have that the Plan of Salvation is a real thing. I never thought twice about it until my dad died. It was then that it really hit me. I remember having a discussion one day with Alyssa and David about it too. It was at that moment, that it hit me again. It was such a nice reminder. I was putting myself in Alyssa's shoes and hearing the plan of happiness for the first time would be a little overwhelming, but SO amazing. What comfort it is to know we can be with our loved ones again.

I think that is the basis of my testimony right now. I think it changes from time to time. I think it changes for us all at different times in our lives. I've asked myself over and over why it is that I keep coming back. There is so much about the church that I don't like. Maybe it's not the church, it's the culture of the church. Anyway, I can't deny what I know. I really just can't. Plus, the time will come that the church of Jesus Christ will be more simply, the church of Jesus Christ and there won't be so much "stuff" that we have to deal with. At least I hope for that day.

I made tater tot caserole today. Okay, I didn't. David did. But I got the recipe and I helped kind of. It was delicious and the only thing I really could stomach today. Our little family is getting sick.

Funny story of the weekend. It's not really that funny. Jackson fell out of his stroller and fell flat on his face. Poor guy. The thing is though, is that Jackson ended up being fine except for his bloody nose and fat lip. He looked so cute. I know that is awful of me to say but he was so sweet and snuggly because of it. Anyway, Dad ended up being worse off than Jackson. He came home really shaken up. I was actually worried. David said that after it happened Jackson wouldn't look at anyone for about 10 minutes. He was really scared. I felt so bad for them both it was just a sweet thing that David was so worried about his little baby boy.

I'm gonna go read the books. You know "The Book". No, not the Book of Mormon (even though I should do that). I started reading the latest craze. The vampire series by Stephanie Meyer. I highly reccommend it.

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