The end of Lent

It’s like a breath of fresh air being on the world of Myspace. I missed it. Here’s what I learned:
1. I spent a lot of time on here.
It was a weird feeling to get on the computer for the day and have nothing to check but my gmail. And then I was done. Oh so boring. But I survived AND I started a new blog.  The address is  . I wish I would have named it something different because it’s really mostly about me. And Jackson. But you should check it out and if you have one too, let me know.
I can’t believe I didn’t get on myspace for a month and a week. I’m not prideful or anything. Oh wait, yes I am .
I love everyone. Except nasty b!tche$ who write nasty text messages. Sorry Mormons for the bad word... and it’s even Easter. I hope the Lord will forgive me.

Well I’m gonna go eat cake that Alyssa so generously shared with me. I’ll write some more later. 

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