New Phone New Phone

I'm so lucky. It's Saint Patricks day and I got lucky. Not in that sense you dirty minded people. My phone arrived though. I was so happy. At first I was in a bad mood because I left for seriously 45 minutes to go to Wal-Mart, came back and the FedEx people had come by. They didn't leave my phone because I had to sign for it. Thank goodness for the nice FedEx man who tried a second time. Whoop! He said when he has extra time he'll try twice. Lucky lucky me. Anyway, that's all. Sometimes I like to brag. No, I'm just happy to no longer be the ghetto old school person with the fat phone.
Okay. I need to shower now.


  1. is that really your phone? because it's pretty awesome. not that you can't have an awesome phone, but that's the kind of phone people sometimes....fudge...about...having. by people...i really mean me. i'm pretending it's mine. you can have one too. i like it! and you.

  2. It is a cute new phone! It's always fun to get a new phone! Enjoy it!

  3. I love getting new phones... they are way cool, the only bad part for me is that after like 4 or 5 months I want a new one... How sad is that... but hey I love the phone that you got. I hope you are having fun with it!!!