Whuut The February?

Do you watch Ellen? I do. I love her too. She is so fabulous and funny. I was catching up on some of the shows today and It made me happy. I was not in a favorable mood today so listening her helped lift some of the burden.

I had practice today. I took Jackson with me and brought his walker too. He loved it. There was so much room to roam and the lobby floor was perfect for this. It was slippery so it was easy for him to maneuver.

I'm proud of my girls. I think I may have mentioned this already but they took first in their division and 3rd overall. They have such talent. I can't wait till next season so we can show off even more! Jenny and I sat down and planned a bunch out for the next few competitions. We even got try-out stuff off to a good start. I can't wait. Cheerleading is the one thing in my life I can't live without (besides Coke Zero of course).

My bad mood has dissapeared for today and I'm thankful for that. I hate feeling the stresses of the world. I know what the cure is, I just have to practice it more.

Sweet Dreams.

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