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The House!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Here is the finished product. I will go take some pics of the outside. It's gorgeous! I have not spent much time there because I am still grieving the loss. I was there to help clean the windows and it was really hard. It was supposed to be my house! I'm sure the new owners will love it though.

2 comments on "The House! "
  1. I totally understand what you mean about the house and how it was going to be yours! That's what happened with our house in Paulden. It was about a month from being done when we dicided to sell it. I was sad because it was going to be MY house, but nontheless it all worked out and was better that we sold it! It looks beautiful, and anyone who lives there will know that it was built with much blood, sweat and tears, and real care!!

  2. The house turned out really nice- I can understand why you're sad you don't get to live in it!