The Smells I love

Everytime I go into certain places I tend to think about how much I love the smell of that store/home. I also love certain smells just because they are what they are. Considering the fact that I have supersmell, I can't help but notice even the most minute aromas. I have even considered going into perfumology (is that even a thing?) Today I would like to list a few of those scents I just can't get over. I have been dying to blog about it too. Isn't that funny?

1. Brite Laundry. I can't describe what it is. I love it though.
2. Starbucks (need I say more?)
3. Hollister
4. it.
5. My old house during Christmas (the real smell of Christmas. My parents no longer have a real tree though. :-(
6. My old Honda car (especially after it had been sitting in the sun).
7. Dad. He used to smell like vanilla, cologne and cigarettes all mixed together. But it was HIS smell.
8. Pine Sol! OMG! Yum!
9. The smell of Spring. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
10. Ozone (in other words, the smell of rain.)

That's about all for now. I mostly have to go because Lost is calling my name. I'll be back later for more. This is fun.

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