The Day of Snow

Hi. So today it was really snowy. Being the people we are (Jenny and I), snow days equal going out days. We don't let a few (several) inches of snow keep us indoors.

It was a good time. We headed out for a nice day of shopping. Target is always fun. That's mostly where we went. We hit up Michaels too. Fun as well. We also went to a secret lunch of which I will not disclose any more details.

I'm getting sick. I am trying to use the power of mind to say that I am not. But I really am. I think it might be the stress. Tomorrow is the VT conference. It should be fun. I just hope everything is in order for it. I have figured out that it is really difficult for me to delegate. It's a control thing. But I did this time and it seems to have worked out so far. Hopefully we will not have to cancel due to weather.

It's also Jenny's birthday tomorrow! Whoop... holy moley! She is gonna be 25. That's a quarter of a century old! Wow. Good times.

One more quick story. The other night we played speed Monopoly (J, A, D and I). Althought we did not get to finish, I think I discovered it to be quite a fun game. Previous to the good experience I had That night Monopoly had always been kind of a bad game. Tempers flare when playing with some people. It was way worth watching Aaron eat his 5 roast beef sandwiches and the cramped legs (from sitting on my floor). I still call a rematch.

I think that's all for now. I just wanted to get a little out there for today.

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