Sunday, January 27, 2008

I can't believe it. I am SOOOOOOOO sad. I just got the news from a bunch of people all solemn in voice.... sad.

Friday, January 25, 2008

So. I am excited to start this new blog where I can share with my friends, family and other random people, the life I live here in PA. It's a gorgeous day today and wouldn't you know it, Jackson just woke up from his nap. Before I go get him I'd like to post a few pictures. Okay, maybe just one. How cute is this baby? I have a feeling he is going to grow up and be just like his dad. He already loves playing (with) the guitar. Maybe he'll be a prodigy like the boy on August Rush. That would be fabulous.
Tonight we are throwing a birthday party for Abe and Janell and Janette. I'm excited to get out and have some fun. We are going to eat Mexican food (the real stuff, served by real mexicans!) and then off to some "Astroblowling". I know right? It's gonna be fun. I can't wait to do the underhand bowl that usually at least gives me a spare. I'll post some more pictures later.
Ok. So I just got back from lunch with David. We went to Arby's. Jackson was sitting on the table with dad and proceeded to spill the entire cup of soda all over the table. We then moved to another table where he stuck his hand in a thing of ketchup. So we moved to another table. one where we could sit him on the end in a high chair away from everything. I felt kind of bad. We were in a booth and sad him on the very end and David and I were as far away as possible. At least everyone in the store loved him. They entertained him so we could eat in peace.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

It was a good time too. They are all pink and stuff. It looks like I have makeup on. But just on my upper brow (that I have now). I'm so excited to see that I have eyes. I have manbrows but because they are so light, you can't tell. Now don't even think about staring at them when you see me. Because I will know.
I'm a little bit mad at david right now. We went to dinner tonight with the missionaries. And I didn't want to drive home so I went to sit in the back seat with Jackson. I told Elder Knecht that he had to sit next to me (Holdaway was in the front). And so David threw this big fit. And so did I. I wasn't willing to budge. He tried to pull me out and I just held on. It was so fun. Oh wait. No it wasn't. It's not ANYWHERE in the white handbook of rules that a missionary can't sit next to a girl. I even told him that I wouldn't try and touch his inner thigh or anything. Ugh. I hate Mormon culture.
Other than that, I am totally not excited to talk in church. well I am a little bit. But mostly not so much. It's a good time. I'm talking on enrichment. Cool huh?
Well, I think I'll go for now. My hands always get super cold when I write blogs. I don't know why. I love Myspace. I want to have a party. I'm starting my diet for SURE tomorrow.