Va jay jay

It's a good time lately.

I really like Jack in the Box. My new lifestyle does not permit it therefore I make it okay by sneaking a bite of Chelsi's 99 cent taco when Stephanie is not looking. She is the master of the lifestyle and I answer to her.

I discovered that i like working out. Well not really. But I enjoy what it is helping me become... and that is 30 pounds lighter. I'm getting there. Slowly but surely. I wish we had a L.A. Fitness gym where I live. Well we do have one but it is 30 minutes away. This one time David and I were in Mesa and he was like "Why is it called la fitness? "la" as in do re me fa so la ti do. Anyway. It made me pee my pants a little.

Okay so Mormons go to what is called seminary. It's early in the morning. So there are two schools in the area. One school (tri-city) starts earlier in the morning than the other one (chino valley high). Well they are having seminary for the one school at 6 a.m. and for the other school they have seminary at 7 a.m. So... there are some kids at Chino Valley High that want to go to the earlier seminary at 6 because they have a 0 hour.

 Don't worry, they won't let them go. They want it separate!!! It's a terrible thing. Most of the "good" Mormons go to Tri-City. It's actually horrible. I'm so sure they are trying to make them go against each other or something. I hate them and I am writing another letter to the presidency. P.S.... if someone could tell a certain kid that if he is going to talk crap, he should probably do it a little more discreetly. If you could tell him he is NOT all that either... that would be nice.

Well... now that my eyes are officially bloodshot, I am going to bed. I'm so tired. I love you. See................................... I Said that and I'm not even writing a letter to anyone.

Oh my gosh!  I love Harry Potter. And it's so great. I love love love the seventh book. Whoop. 

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